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Vendor, Craft, Expo and Event Coordination

Vendor, Craft, Expo and Event Coordination Vendor, Craft, Expo and Event Coordination

About Me

As a representative with direct sales companies, I have attended vendor shows that were "eh".  I asked myself, "how could vendor and craft shows be "better"?  

One of the biggest challenges I have found while attending various vendor shows have been the lack of communication from the promoter and/or lack of advertising of the event.

With my experience in event planning and corporate meetings, when you book a spot at my vendor shows (as the ONLY rep for your DSC), you will experience the following:

1.  A prompt reply to your inquiry, including but not limited to invoicing.

2.  Confirmation of your payment/reservation at my show.

3.  Addition to my private Facebook Group (Vendor Shows with Carrie Ward) where I will provide FREE shareable images to promote the event.

4. Professionalism at all times

5.  NO expectation to provide an item for raffle.

As independent consultants, crafters and small business owners, we can help each other succeed, therefore, I ask you to actively promote the event that you are attending.  (see #3 above).  

If you are interested in becoming a "core vendor" at my shows, please drop me a line.  

I am also always looking for additional locations for events, and would love to have one in your neighborhood!

Successfully yours,